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Calle Teruel 41, Esc. 1 Bajo B
28020 Madrid, Spain

Tel.: + 34 91 546 6605


Testimonials About Live Spanish

“Live Spanish is a fantastic programme for anyone looking to improve their Spanish.

I had recently failed my final Spanish exam at second year at university level – I went to stay with a lovely family through Live Spanish in Madrid in July 2014 and had an amazing time.

They taught me so much and I learned a lot about the history, cultures and traditions of Spain from a whole new perspective and outside of a classroom environment.

I came back to England for my exam and not only passed it, but passed it with a considerably higher grade than I expected.

I would recommend Live Spanish to anyone looking to learn more about Spain than just the language, regardless of your current skill level.

I had a wonderful time and am left with an experience I won’t forget in a hurry and a huge thanks to my host family for making me feel so welcome.”

- Tasha

A wonderful staying! A wonderful idea!
Great to stay in a family....

Great to learn much quicker.......

Thank you

- Joelle

Muchos Besos y thank you to Patricia!

I have just returned from a week's course with "Live Spanish" and it surpassed my expectations. I am an intermediate/advanced adult learner (a very young 47 years) and like most of us lacked the opportunity to speak the target language for any length of time. Well, "Live Spanish" addressed this issue for me perfectly. My tutor and her family were charming, the accommodation and food was perfect and the tuition amazing. On my request the whole week was spent concentrating on conversational Spanish and not a word of English was spoken for the duration. I consider it has raised my standard to a level that would have possibly taken 6 to 9 months using standard classroom studies. Well done to "Live Spanish" for a great approach to teaching and a special thank you to Rosa, the tutor with the patience of a saint. - Gary Hill

A great way to learn Spanish, it is immersion, you also get a true feeling of Spanish life, it's fun!

The food was also fantastic......
- Peter George

Ha sido un placer estudiar & viver con una familia con Live Spanish. Living with a family is the best way to absorb a foreign language. You are surrounded with Spanish from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. (not to mention the "homemade" meals!) enjoy...
- Nikki Nolfi

I just finished a four week course with Live Spanish. I learned more Spanish during that time than I could have at a four year university. I should know, I took Spanish for four years at university!

I was very impressed with the one-on-one instruction I received and my "profesora" was very, very good! The food was excellent too!

I encourage anyone who wants to learn or improve their Spanish quickly to sign up with Live Spanish.

Best wishes and keep up the good work, Live Spanish!

- Mary Brentwood

I have just spent two weeks on this programme. As a "mature" student I did have some misgivings. However, I need not have worried. My host could not have been more helpful or hospitable and the tuition was thorough AND at my pace. I can wholeheartedly recommend this organisation for young and old alike
- Robin Hayes

I stayed for three weeks through Live Spanish to study for a very important Spanish exam. It was probably one of the most intensive language experiences that I have ever had and as a result I was able to pass the exam.
- Peter Rantzau

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